// The Cause //

The Cause started in 2007 as an outreach for the young people of Mora, Minnesota. For the past five years, The Cause has been reaching out to young people in the community through worship, drama, games, and teaching, all centered around Jesus. In the summer, The Cause has met out at Library Park where there would be a service as well as football, frisbee, basketball, etc.

The Cause has also hosted outreach parties, such as the Rockstar Rave, Root-beer Kegger, and The Spring Break Party (where we filled a room with nine yards of sand). Hundreds of kids have been reached with the Gospel through the avenue of The Cause.

We are excited about the future of The Cause. We will be hosting several Cause events throughout the year. The will be outreaches to the whole community. The purpose is to draw people to a place where they can hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The Cause has enjoyed an incredible past and we believe will have an exciting future. Plan on joining us for the next Cause event to be held this summer.